About Us

IMS established in 1997, we specialized in producing metal wire products and focused on creative and high DIY furniture. In this ever changing and intensely competitive worldwide market, vision is an essential ingredient towards to successful industrialist. Our vision is to produce best products with concern of our products. We follow the latest furniture trend closely to dedicate new designs to meet the market and customer needs. Our business goal is to achieve a better way of life for all our customers and the people who use our products.

Indeed, IMS's products has a high/price ration because quality is an integral part of our philosophy. CAD design, selection of hardware and components, prototype tests and highly automated production are some of the key methods we use to produce high-quality products. In addition, our factory has awarded the ISO9001 certification, a guarantee of quality and continuity of the production, process from design to production to sale. Rapid delivery, immediate availability of spare parts, and a highly professional staff are other key elements completing the IMS quality mosaic.